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Hosting > Co-Location Do you need a server dedicated to your Internet application? Thinking of doing it yourself, by getting your own T1 line? Before you do — read on! By co-locating, you gain all the benefits of a world-class IT operation, for a tiny fraction of the cost of doing it yourself. You won’t have to worry about redundancy, power quality, or air conditioning – you can instead focus on your business. Get the benefits of our advanced redundant high-speed network at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself: There are several good reasons to Co-Locate your Internet server at a Data Center: Individual, locking cabinets means you know you are the only one with access to your server Building power fed from triple-redundant generating stations Centralized, fault-tolerant UPS power Controlled Environmentals with 100% plenum induction (raised floor and plenum ceiling) High-security: computer-controlled magnetic card-key security‚Ķ read more →