How to build your own metropolitan fiber-optic network.. part II

Finally, the day came! Our conduit was ready. The fiber was here. All that remained was putting it in the ground. How do you do that? What all is involved when you see those guys in the orange vests and hard-hats in the middle of the street, crawling in and out of manholes? A lot, it turns out. The first step is “pulling” a permit with the city. To get a permit, you need construction experience, a performance bond, and a traffic plan. The traffic plan details where work is to be done, how you are going to block the street, and how you will re-route traffic around the blockage. At least in Denver, it seems pretty straightforward. On the day, the sign company brought tons of orange road pylons, and road-signs announcing the blockage. It was pretty thrilling, the idea of being responsible for blocking a street and re-routing… read more →