When the cure is worse than the disease

Internet spam email is a big problem, there is no denying. There are many approaches to identifying and blocking spam, and none of them are foolproof. But there is also a clear difference between techniques – some are less reliable than others. Much less. An outfit known as SORBS (www.sorbs.net) provides some useful spam-filtering services, some of which we use. They maintain several lists, but the most useful one is a list of “dynamic IP addresses”. Generally users on these IPs should be using their ISP’s email server. This is reasonable, and there are easy ways around it in cases where it’s a problem. But SORBS also maintains a list of “known spam sources”. We do not use this one, because in our experience this list results in many false positives. Indeed – we now find ourselves on this SORBS blacklist, all over a total of three (3!!) emails received… read more →