Denver-based company Eases Customer Fears of the “Cloud”

Denver-based company Eases Customer Fears of the “Cloud” SilverLining™ cloud IaaS solution ends IT worries about security and fault tolerance, while reducing costs and simplifying voice and data solutions. NEWS RELEASE: DENVER, CO Feb. 1, 2012 — Many business owners continue to be wary of cloud computing and question its reliability, its benefits, and its true costs. In response, has launched SilverLining™, an enterprise-level cloud computing solution with redundant back-up, fault tolerance and disaster recovery services. Scalable to customer needs, the suite of services frees companies to focus on their business, not their technology. “With our solution, businesses can have the infrastructure of a Fortune 500 corporation without the overhead and costs associated with it,” says Jawaid Bazyar, president of “We developed SilverLining to provide our customers with a full-service voice and data solution that saves them hundreds or thousands of dollars a month. It’s hard enough… read more →