MACH DSL and VDSL Fiber Broadband Enhancements

DHCP-based address assignment are available to our MACH DSL residential and business customers – as well as new customers in our VDSL Fiber Broadband buildings.   What does this mean exactly? Previously, we assign addresses for Internet service via PPPoE. PPPoE works well for this and is very flexible, but has a downside – it encapsulates all your packets inside PPP headers. This causes the following problems: 1) Additional overhead, using some of your link speed for PPP and not for your transmissions 2) The PPP overhead causes packets to have a smaller maximum MTU – which can cause problems with some VPN software and some firewalls. 3) Packets received must have the PPP “wrapper” removed. This is done with CPU-based Cisco routers that add additional latency. These routers can also run out of horsepower long before the link is full.   Benefits of DHCP-based assignments By contrast, DHCP-based assignment… read more →