Denver Colocation Options with MPLS network offers 33% savings for full cabinet colocation opens its newest data center and provides businesses an introductory offer that will remain the same price for the lifetime of colocation. has provided a strong foundation for internet based businesses with interests in Denver, Colorado with their newest data center located at 2347 Curtis St. Today’s businesses operate locally and globally through the cloud. This means that businesses with employees, offices, or customers in the area of Denver will benefit from reduced latency and colocation of services with Colocation provides businesses with high–density cloud hosting, N+1 redundant CRAC, true A/B power & redundant A/B UPS systems, cold aisle/hot aisle architecture, and disaster recovery. These technologies are priceless to business operations and up time. Not to mention, how difficult they are to implement using only internal IT resources. Many of today’s businesses have found the benefits of cloud… read more →