How Broadband Acts as a Healthcare Lifeline

By: Eric Hager The recent health crisis has brought to the foreground just how critical a fast, reliable internet connection has become to daily life. With students attending school remotely and workers logging on from their kitchen tables, broadband has become a lifeline. However, accessing healthcare services in rural Colorado and northern New Mexico can be challenging, and when poor weather closes roads, many communities risk being cut off entirely from critical services. Many local hospitals are also at risk of closure, further limiting access to vital healthcare resources. Why is Broadband So Critical to Rural Healthcare? To better serve rural residents, many healthcare providers are turning to telehealth. These innovative programs allow users to access critical healthcare services remotely via video conferencing software. However, video conferencing is bandwidth-intensive, further highlighting the necessity of fast, reliable broadband internet access for all Coloradans and northern New Mexicans. The Digital Divide & Its Effects on Healthcare The digital… read more →