Planting Seeds of Prosperity: How to Bring the Internet to Your Town

By: Eric Hager   As the current health crisis forces many employees to work from home and shifted many students out of their classrooms and into remote learning environments having access to fast, reliable internet has become even more vital for families across America.   How Fast, Reliable Internet Plants Encourages Economic Growth  The internet has been a vital resource for many years now, connecting Americans with remote work opportunities, virtual learning opportunities, and (more recently), a great way to stay connected to friends and loved ones while staying physically distanced.  For many Americans, particularly those in small towns, the internet offers a lifeline to the wider world. Remote work opportunities allow American workers to access high-quality jobs around the world without the need to relocate their families. Online continuing education opportunities allow anyone to expand their skill set and knowledge regardless of where they are physically located. Both of these opportunities help plant seeds of prosperity, allowing small towns to… read more →