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Service Offerings

Find out what the gigabit fiber service offerings include. Fiber Internet

  • Gigabit Fiber offers your tenants the fastest broadband today with no extra charges for usage. No bandwidth usage caps, throttling, or hidden charges.
  • Two-way symmetric Internet speed that allows you to upload as fast as you download.
  • Gigabit Fiber includes two tiers of Internet speeds to meet any budget, plus local technical support!
  • Gigabit symmetric 1000M/1000M delivered straight to your building and to the unit.
  • Free 12M/2M Internet for three years for the cost of install. TV

Coming soon: Fall 2014
  • We are working to deliver game changing entertainment that can be customized to fit any budget and deliver the channels your tenants want.
  • TV will have programming tailor-made for businesses in multi-tenant properties, including international news, basic TV and top-tier sports. Voice

  • voice services offer reliable and 100% guaranteed landline quality carried over fiber optics.
  • Unlimited and pay-as-you-go long distance plans.
  • More than 20 features for your business including caller ID, call waiting, hunt groups and voice mail.
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The Gigabit Advantage

If you want to attract and retain tenants, there is no more powerful and cost effective upgrade. 

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Service offerings

Get fast speeds lighting your property with gigabit fiber.

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Our approach to installation and support to create a plan, get your approval, and deploy quickly

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