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We are delighted to share some testimonial reviewss from our customers. We are focused on doing all we can to provide the best customer experience. We love hearing from you. Let us know if you need anything or if you have a question. We are here for you. And if you like us, please tell your friends.

Forethought is always helpful, we have consistent service and they have taken excellent care of us. Forethought has been a definite improvement over our previous “big name” provider and they promptly resolve any small concerns that may come up. We would certainly recommend they to anyone.

Sarah Barnes, Lifetime Windows and Siding

Forethought is a local place and I’ve appreciated that and their easy access and good customer service. I refer them whenever I have the opportunity. Jawaid is a good guy and he worked well with me on a personal level, which meant a lot to me.

Steve Cooper, SCM Productions

Since we changed over to Forethought’s services in 2003, we’ve appreciated and enjoyed our affiliation with them.  We have IT services, phone services and T1 services for data and programming with them. They’ve helped us figure out the best way to provide our services to people, with the most cost effective approaches.

I’ve referred them and say that they’re dependable, reliable, helpful and accessible. They’re responsive and if there’s a service problem, they’re quick to take care of it. If any equipment is problematic, they’re quick to follow up and service or replace it if necessary.

David Dawson, Audio Info Network 

Forethought is always attentive, quick to respond and answer my questions. We order all of our phones from them and they help me with setting up people’s extensions and getting them online.

They are always helpful and understanding when I need something shipped in a rush. Sarah is my contact and I really like her. She’s very friendly.

Katie Kellerman, AED Group

Forethought has been exceptionally helpful in both pricing and accommodations. Their honesty is exceptional compared to traditional telecom people and they’re prompt.

Mike Pham, Tattered Cover 

Our relationship with Forethought is a “value-add” for our clients. Forethought implements “best in class” technology and their support team is the extremely competent.

As we grow, our relationship with Forethought gives us have a competitive edge in our market space.

We rely on Forethought for reliable product delivery and continuous uptime for our clients. The reliability of their data center is excellent. When problems arise, they’re quick to find a resolution.

Our track record with them has been outstanding and that makes it easy to confidently bring their products and services to our clients.

Dan Mullen, Stone Tree Network Solutions

Forethought’s response time to any issue was quick, we were notified well in advance of issues, down time was at a minimum and compared to the prior company that we were with, it was a difference between night and day. There was one situation where they came out and assisted us on an install. They resolved it for us and we didn’t get charged for it.

I have given references and say “One of the things that’s encouraging about Forethought is that they are on the leading edge of technology.”

Bob Smith, Smith & Co

I have Forethought because they have really fast fiber optic; it’s faster than what anyone else provides. I found a postcard that caught my eye about internet. I emailed them and they got right back to me the same day and told me about the service. They’re very fast in responding to anything.

I had the appointment scheduled for a certain time and they had some of the work done before I got there. All of the fees, equipment and installation were included. It’s a flat fee and they don’t want more money every month.

I give referrals and say “Hey, you should check this out. It’s the fastest internet in Denver.” They had me over to the office, showed me the data center and walked me around. It was cool being treated that way. I couldn’t imagine going to another provider of a service and meeting the team.

Ted Caster

We’ve been with Forethought for a year and have only had one problem, which they were able to resolve within a few hours. I inherited the contract that we have, and the experience thus far has been positive. I don’t have to deal with them too much and I think that’s just great. I would refer them; they do a great job.

With the contract renewal, they were patient and provided us with the most information possible to make some good decisions on what we needed going forward. They even helped us analyze our data to determine our needs for the next year.

Susie Griffin, Colorado Association of School Boards

We’re an agent for Forethought because of their Ethernet over copper footprint and the pricing that they provide. Their service is reliable and their products are easy to sell

Jeff Stegeman, Platte River Networks 

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