Brainstorm Internet, a Company, Lights Downtown Durango with Gigabit Fiber Internet

Brainstorm Internet expands its gigabit fiber broadband in downtown Durango, Colorado.

Brainstorm Internet, a company, is now one of Colorado’s largest independent internet providers. The Durango-based communications provider announced today that it will now offer gigabit fiber internet broadband in downtown Durango, Colorado. The first buildings to receive gigabit fiber are 1099 Main Street and 1199 Main Street (the Bank of Colorado Building).

Brainstorm Internet president, Jawaid Bazyar, says, “This is an exciting time for Durango to finally get the fastest fiber Internet speeds available.” As in all of its packages there will be no bandwidth caps, no throttling and no hidden charges.

Brainstorm Internet is committed to providing Colorado and New Mexico the internet speeds needed to compete globally. The average download speed is approximately 7.4 megabits per second and much lower in mountain regions. A gigabit is 1000 megabits per second. These fast internet speeds are only possible if the “last mile” — the wiring that connects a building to the rest of a telecommunications network — is made of fiber optic cable. Brainstorm Internet is invested in its community and will deliver its fiber optic broadband throughout the Front Range and Western Slope.

Brainstorm Internet continues to expand its services into apartment, condominium and office buildings. “We are in talks with real estate developers to light up entire apartment, condominium and office buildings to provide our service.” said Jawaid Bazyar, president of Brainstorm Internet. “Our goal is to address the digital divide one building at a time. We will continue to deliver the fastest services possible throughout Colorado and New Mexico.”

The Brainstorm Internet fiber initiative continues to expand in Durango. The gigabit fiber expansion plan includes other cities in Colorado and New Mexico. To learn more contact us directly to light up your building with fiber. 303-815-1125.