Brainstorm Internet, a Company, Plans to Offer 100M Fiber Service to Businesses in Cortez, Colorado

Brainstorm Internet is an ISP for the city fiber and now has plans to offer the businesses of Cortez more bandwidth.

Brainstorm Internet, a company, announced today that it will extend its offerings to the business community in Cortez, Colorado to include 100M internet service and its hosted PBX phone service.

“Given our innovative approach to delivering internet and phone service, we are positioned well to provide more for less to the business community in Cortez,” Jawaid Bayzar, president of Brainstorm Internet shared. “In 2014, we are actively pursuing our vision is to light up Colorado and Northern New Mexico with our fiber and to minimize the digital divide created by low speed internet.”

Brainstorm Internet continuously invests in its infrastructure and network in order to provide homes and businesses the most up-to-date and flexible solutions possible. For those who use the service, they have a reliable choice for high-speed internet and phone from a local provider at prices comparable to cable.

Due to its commitment to provide the fastest internet possible, Brainstorm Internet likely provides the lowest latency (less than 5 milliseconds) available in Colorado due to its extensive peering and MPLS network.

To find out more about fiber or to light up your building with fiber, contact the Brainstorm Internet Durango office 970-247-1442 or sales(at)gobrainstorm(dot)net.