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Service Cancellation Policy

Please fill out the following form to cancel your services. Once you submit the form you should receive a confirmation email that indicates that we have received your request.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 303-815-1000.

Cancellation for Business Service Customers:

  • 30 day written notice is required for cancellation requests.
  • Please note all early terminations are subject to additional charges as stated in your Terms and Conditions including, any waived installation fee, remaining months in your contract and any disconnection, early cancellation or termination charges reasonably incurred and paid to third parties by on your behalf.
  • Upon termination of Service, customer shall be responsible to return any Customer Premises Equipment to company in good condition within 10 business days.
  • If equipment has not been received from the customer within 11 business days from termination of Service, the business will be charged for the equipment and a separate invoice will be generated.
  • Customer premises equipment shall be sent to:
c/o Equipment Return
2347 Curtis St
Denver, CO 80205
Cancellation for Residential Customers:

  • Cancellation requests must be made at least 21 prior to the end of the billing cycle – otherwise you will be charged for an additional month’s service.
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