Cloud Hosting – Make It Work For You

cloud IaaSWhat Is Cloud Hosting? Cloud hosting is the delivery of computing resources such as hardware, software and storage as services over a network such as the Internet. Cloud storage providers host scalable and flexible resources enabling companies to increase storage immediately. Faster networking and Internet connectivity are available at modest prices.

Cloud computing can include Software-as-a-Service (Saas) where a specific application or service is offered to a customer as a subscription. Examples are QuickBooks, Dropbox and

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provides businesses a platform on which they can design, develop, test and run their own custom applications. Examples of PaaS include Google App Engine, the open source product, OpenShift and Windows Apprenda.

With Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), businesses can purchase infrastructure components such as memory, servers, firewalls and other resources from cloud providers.

Most small businesses will be able to function optimally with SaaS services. They can utilize a wide variety of software and technical services that would otherwise be too expensive and difficult to manage with existing staff and resources.

Businesses that take advantage of Cloud Hosting avail themselves of flexible and scalable resources that can save them from the hassle and expense of added IT infrastructure.

Can Your Business Make Use of Hosted Cloud Services?

Cloud services help small business to acquire the IT infrastructure necessary for operation at relatively low costs. There is no longer a need to purchase file servers, storage systems and off the shelf software that can result in extremely high initial investment costs.

Services are available to customers and staff anywhere and anytime. Start-up companies, mom and pop operations and sole proprietorships can have the benefit of current technological resources without having to hire IT consultants or technical support staff. Many of today’s small businesses can operate with a desktop computer or a mobile device in conjunction with small business cloud services.

Cloud Business Services

Small to midsize businesses are anticipating using multiple cloud solutions over a wide range of business functions including email, file sharing, data archiving, communications, accounting and banking.

Cloud business services can provide organizations with advantages that can increase operational performance by enabling more effective communication, facilitating workforce mobility, reducing the consumption of energy, facilitating collaboration and providing data loss protection.

Businesses are environmentally conscientious when using cloud services. Less hardware use means less materials used in manufacturing and a lower consumption of energy. Another green byproduct is the reduction of waste material. Cloud Services do double duty by saving businesses money while protecting the environment.

Flexibility and mobility are hallmarks of cloud business services. Staff can benefit by continuous access to enterprise processes and network information from almost anywhere without being anchored to an office computer. Such mobility provides companies with a competitive edge and superlative communications ability. Data accessibility and worker mobility allow solutions to happen at client locations, saving time on numerous trips.

Cloud hosting services can enable organizations to optimize their assets, while cutting down on overhead and maintenance. Choosing cloud solutions with robust security features and power protection can reduce down time losses which can be very costly.

Collaboration helps business solution teams to communicate effectively amongst themselves as well as with clients. Cloud business services can provide document versioning and sharing, while offering restricted access. Version control can save significant time wasted in searching for documents. Locating information can be simple and reconstructing information which has been overwritten can be possible.

A business’s profitability, productivity, portability, reliability, accessibility and collaborative ability can all be enhanced through the use of cloud business services. It makes sense to investigate how your organization can benefit. Your competitors will make use of these opportunities to enhance profitability, so make sure to find out how to make these new, cloud based, IT resources work for your business.