Colorado’s Fastest Internet comes to Avon’s Piedmont Apartments’s lightning fast Gigabit Fiber Broadband – the Fastest Internet in Colorado according to BroadbandNow – has come to Avon, Colorado’s Piedmont Apartments.

“The Piedmont Apartments [is] a stunning residential community surrounded by breathtaking mountains and unbeatable shopping and entertainment options.” and now has fiber internet at speeds of 1000Mbps symmetric – a blazing 1 Gig down AND 1 Gig up.

In today’s age, Fiber Broadband is one of the most important amenities living units can offer, unlocking flawless remote schooling, telecommuting, and telemedicine. These technologies depend on robust, reliable internet connectivity – and when backed by 100% fiber optic connectivity, can bring new permanent residents to rural towns that are considered safer, cleaner, and friendlier than big cities. is committed to bringing fiber broadband to all rural Colorado communities. Our mission is to bridge the “digital divide” that has in the past separated big and small communities, and made it hard for rural towns to attract much-needed investment and residents. Soon, our Gigabit Fiber Broadband will expand to Ouray, Cripple Creek, and Leadville Colorado.