Denver-based company Eases Customer Fears of the “Cloud”

Denver-based company Eases Customer Fears of the “Cloud” SilverLining™ cloud IaaS solution ends IT worries about security and fault tolerance, while reducing costs and simplifying voice and data solutions.


DENVER, CO Feb. 1, 2012 —

Many business owners continue to be wary of cloud computing and question its reliability, its benefits, and its true costs. In response, has launched SilverLining™, an enterprise-level cloud computing solution with redundant back-up, fault tolerance and disaster recovery services. Scalable to customer needs, the suite of services frees companies to focus on their business, not their technology.

“With our solution, businesses can have the infrastructure of a Fortune 500 corporation without the overhead and costs associated with it,” says Jawaid Bazyar, president of “We developed SilverLining to provide our customers with a full-service voice and data solution that saves them hundreds or thousands of dollars a month. It’s hard enough to run a company without worrying about technology. It is our goal to make complex technology decisions simple.”

SilverLining provides secure, reliable, flexible, Fortune-500 Enterprise Grade IT services for any size organization without the upfront investment and overhead. SilverLining supports email services, colocation, data backup, virtual desktops, bandwidth-intensive databases, website hosting, and more. Highly flexible, most SilverLining services can be scaled on the fly without disruption to business. Services are customized so that companies only pay for what they need. Cloud computing provides access to data and voice solutions anywhere, anytime with just an Internet connection and ensures business continuity in the face of adverse events.

“Many businesses still don’t understand the benefits of cloud computing. Because of that, they may be spending too much money on an infrastructure that requires constant hardware updates and replacements,” Bazyar says. “With cloud computing, businesses can even turn their old computers into thin clients with a simple Internet connection.”

Powered by VMWare Enterprise License, provides customers with money-saving solutions for a secure, fault-tolerant IT infrastructure as a service (IaaS) without capital expenditures or repetitive hardware upgrade cycles. In addition to cloud computing, the company offers hosted VoIP PBX business phone solutions, Internet connectivity with speeds as high as 100M up and down, and fax services.

For more than 17 years, businesses in the Denver area have trusted the company to serve their technology needs with a high level of technical expertise, security, reliability, and responsiveness. To learn more or to get a quote, visit


Since 1995, is a leading locally owned and operated IT and communications service provider, offering a portfolio of enterprise-level cloud-computing, Internet, voice and data solutions so you can focus on your business, not your technology. Established in 1995, helps small and mid-size businesses grow through superior high-performance technology, scalable services and world-class support at a fraction of the expense of traditional models. The company’s commitment to the highest level of technical expertise, security, reliability and responsiveness results in high client loyalty and satisfaction. The Denver Business Journal ranked as a Top 15 Telecommunications Company and a Top 15 Internet Service Provider. ColoradoBIZ Magazine listed it as one of Colorado’s Top 250 Private Companies. accredited A+ member


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