Denver Colocation Options with MPLS network offers 33% savings for full cabinet colocation opens its newest data center and provides businesses an introductory offer that will remain the same price for the lifetime of colocation. has provided a strong foundation for internet based businesses with interests in Denver, Colorado with their newest data center located at 2347 Curtis St. Today’s businesses operate locally and globally through the cloud. This means that businesses with employees, offices, or customers in the area of Denver will benefit from reduced latency and colocation of services with

Colocation provides businesses with high–density cloud hosting, N+1 redundant CRAC, true A/B power & redundant A/B UPS systems, cold aisle/hot aisle architecture, and disaster recovery. These technologies are priceless to business operations and up time. Not to mention, how difficult they are to implement using only internal IT resources.

Many of today’s businesses have found the benefits of cloud computing to be very profitable.Through, customers gain access to a cost effective, secure & elastic data center. Complete with burstable and dedicated network options, 24/7 secure access at all times (computer-controlled magnetic card-key high-security system), stable monitored cooling, no reoccurring vendor cross-connect fees, TLS and MPLS network connectivity, and the ability to turn servers into a highly maximized cloud IaaS server. All of this comes with competitive pricing customized to the needs of each company so customers only pay for what they use.

Each Dell cabinet comes with a secure individually locked door ensuring private access for customers, triple-redundant generating stations, centralized & fault-tolerant UPS power, controlled environmentals with 100% plenum induction (raised floor and plenum ceiling), and a real-time bandwidth utilization tool (showing up-to-the-minute online graphs). Optionally, customers can take advantage of managed backup services and proactive monitoring (we can monitor the server & services, such as HTTP, and take action to get it back up).

Customers can focus on their business strategy while relying on the world-class IT operations of All this at a fraction of the cost and hassle of do-it-yourself colocation options. These services are ideally partnered with fiber broadband connections. Denver, welcome to the cloud!

As an introductory offer, customers can save over 33% on a full cabinet. Clients can get a full cabinet for $400 monthly (regularly $600) plus power and internet bandwidth. This data center provides MPLS and TLS access and security to customers around the world. Business and customer data are secured using the latest communications protocols and hardware. Introductory offer includes full cabinet. Power and bandwidth are priced separately. Offer ends December 31, 2012.