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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQ. If you don’t see your specific question, feel free to contact us. We are always delighted to help!

Service Installations and Number Porting

FTN has delivered fiber to the building and is delivering speeds of 1000Mbps/1000Mbps on the circuit. Access to this gigabit bandwidth is available to all parties that subscribe to the service. What is actually available will depend on what other subscribers are using. In buildings where we have this service in place we find businesses are using 20Mbps of bandwidth on average.
On average, all DSL, T1 and Ethernet over copper (EoC) is installed in 10 business days.
On average your numbers will port in 15 business days.
Yes, you can port a Market Expansion Line.
Yes, we can provide IA circuits with analog, PRI and SIP trunking.
Yes, we can port out of state numbers. Additional fees may apply.
All in-state Colorado dialing is free. Choose to pay for additional domestic long distance at $.05/minute or select a block of minutes to be billed every month at $.03/minute. We also have unlimited domestic long distance for $20 (must be included for each phone trunk).
International long distance is billed according to the rate for each country and click to review rates.  

PerfectFax, hosted efax service

Yes, PerfectFax, our hosted efax service that can provide both of inbound and outbound services.
No, you can have up to 6 users on one PerfectFax, our hosted efax service, account. All 6 parties can receive inbound faxes and have the ability to send outbound from their email account.

Our Hosted VoIP Difference

FTN owns a carrier class Metaswitch that is located in our data center. There are no third party providers involved with our service.
No, FTN prices the hosted VoIP service on the number of phone trunks required for the business, not handsets.
We do not nickel and dime on features with our hosted VoIP service, the auto attendant is one of numerous features that are included in our service.
We now offer the hosted VoIP service and use of the equipment for a nominal monthly charge, so you do not have to budget for a large CAPX expense.
Typically yes, once you provide us the make and model of the handset we will check to see if it is compatible.

Cancellation Policy

We request written notice for all cancellations. In the absence of prior written notice, we do not process port-out requests from carriers. Carrier notification does not constitute written notice because it does not come from you.  Click here to learn more on how to cancel service
Notification to the carrier that a port-out has been rejected by This is well understood by the carrier and is compliant with our policy to protect customers from errors or slamming by other carriers. The intent is to protect our customers from unauthorized changes and is our obligation to protect both privacy and account access under FTC regulations. 
Please return your equipment within 10 days of terminated service. If equipment has not been received within 11 business days from terminating service, you will be charged for the equipment. 
Please return all equipment within 10 business days to our corporate office.

c/o Equipment return

2347 Curtis Street

Denver, CO 80205

 In an event of early termination, you are subject to additional charges per the Terms & Conditions of your original contract. This can include any waived installation fees, remaining months in the contract and any early cancellation, disconnect or termination fees incurred and paid to third parties by on your behalf. 
Cancellation requests must be made at least 30 prior to the end of the billing cycle (typically at the first every month)- otherwise you will be charged for an additional month’s service.
 Cancellation requests must be made at least 21 prior to the end of the billing cycle – otherwise you will be charged for an additional month’s service. 
Residential customers activated after 1/1/2011 will be subject to a $150 early cancellation fee if they cancel within the first year of service.

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