to bring Gigabit Fiber Internet to Cascade Village

I am thrilled to announce that will be developing a true fiber to the home network in the Cascade Village community north of Durango, Colorado near the Purgatory ski resort. There are over 200 homes in this community.

The project design involves extending fiber from Purgatory to Cascade Village, then installing fiber cable directly to each home in Cascade Village.

In addition to offering true Gigabit Fiber Internet to every housing unit that is part of Cascade Village, we will provide telephone service, and, a little later in the year, beautiful HD quality TV programming over the Internet connection.

We brought together an incredible coalition dedicated to dramatically changing the broadband landscape in rural Colorado. We received more than 60 letters of support from the community – residents, businesses, county and local governments, and the Southwest Colorado Council of Governments.

Project funding comes from the Colorado Broadband Fund, Cascade Village HOA, San Juan County, and of course

This is the 2nd year in a row we have been selected for a Colorado Broadband Fund broadband grant. Last year’s was for our wireless broadband project in Red Cliff, Colorado.

We have been the Internet Provider at Cascade Village for many years, suffering with poor copper wire infrastructure. It will feel so great to “ride the light” into Cascade Village.

With the completion of this Cascade Village project, will have brought modern broadband to almost all the residents of San Juan County, Colorado, which also includes Silverton.