Completes the Denver Metro MPLS Network Ring Completes the Denver Metro MPLS Network Ring completes the MPLS ring to

ensure real customer benefits with its service.

Denver, CO September 28, 2013 announced today that it has completed construction of its 10Gbps Metro MPLS network.

MPLS is protocol-independent, scalable transport. MPLS allows creation of end-to-end circuits across any type of transport medium, using any network layer protocol, and provides traffic engineering, quality of service (QOS) and virtual private networking capabilities. delivers Internet, Voice, VoIP, and E-LINE and E-LAN Transparent LAN Services using this network.

One of the primary benefits of MPLS-based services are multi-service and QOS enabled which powers seamless, high-quality voice and video roll-outs. Because of the any-to-any nature of MPLS services, can reduce the number of “hops” between network points increasing response time and application performance. This helps with all disaster recovery efforts through redundancy and the ability to easily reconnect to backup locations adding the flexibility for business recovery.

“MPLS expands services to more network users and improves our control of the entire network,” said Jawaid Bazyar, President of “Completing the MPLS ring will improve overall performance, reliability and ease disaster recovery. All of this while passing the savings and performance onto our customers.” continues to invest in futureproofing its network to provide Colorado businesses with the most up-to-date and flexible solutions possible from a local provider. provides the lowest latency (less than 5 milliseconds) available in the Colorado due to its extensive IP peering and MPLS network.

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