Gives Away 10M Fiber Connectivity for its Cloud and Colocation Gives Away 10M Fiber

Connectivity for its Cloud and Colocation provides 10M fiber access and low latency (less than 5 milliseconds) network to all of its cloud and colocation clients.

Denver, CO April 30, 2013 announces today that it will include 10M fiber broadband from all of its cloud and colocation services for free. provides some of the lowest latency available in the Colorado market because of its fiber backbone and extensive peering with other ISP providers. By now including 10M fiber broadband as standard in any cloud or colocation package, ensures every hosting client can benefit from that low latency.

Its state-of-the-art data center provides high–density cloud hosting, N+1 redundant CRAC, true A/B power & redundant A/B UPS systems, cold aisle/hot aisle architecture, 24/7 secure access at all times (computer-controlled magnetic card-key high-security system). Each package is complete with burstable and dedicated network options, stable monitored cooling, no reoccurring vendor cross-connect fees, TLS and MPLS network connectivity, disaster recovery and the ability to turn servers into a highly maximized cloud IaaS server. All of this comes with competitive pricing customized to the needs of each client so customers only pay for what they use.

“ customers can typically save over 33% on a full cabinet, reduce latency issues and now receive 10M fiber broadband as part of the package. We continue to explore ways to ensure that enterprises at any size can maximize their IT infrastructure. Our decision to provide 10M fiber bandwidth as part of their package is one of the many ways we do what we can to serve the Colorado businesses,” said Jawaid Bazyar.

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