has over 200 fiber broadband buildings and counting

I am extremely pleased to make the following announcement about widespread availability of fiber services:

You won’t believe this! is now offering 30M/30M fiber broadband, 8 phone lines, 1 POTS Line, free Colorado-wide calling and 2000 minutes long distance for only $500 a month to over 200 locations. 100M is also available!

Use this link to find over 200 locations for Fiber Broadband and give your clients 30Mbps Up and down for only $500 a month! Fiber Broadband
Offer your cllients what they have been asking for — Fiber. We can provide fiber access directly to the office. Offer subject to availibility. ¬†Starting at only $500 a month, the Fiber Broadband package offers:

    • 30 Mbps Up and Down
    • 8 Digital Phone Lines
    • 1 Analog Land Line
    • Free Colorado-wide Calls
    • 2000 Minutes Long Distance

With you get:

    • Accessible, reliable, secure services
    • No Installation Fee
    • No tricky price increases after contract expires.
    • No hidden charges and No Federal Access Charge!
    • A la cart pricing available for more services
    • And more

Contact us at 303-815-1827 for more information.