Hires New VP of Business Development hires new vice president of business development to help navigate its growth strategy across Colorado and beyond. is now one of Colorado’s largest independent internet providers. The Denver-based communications provider announced today that it hired a vice president of business development, Eric Hager.

Mr. Hager joins following an advisory engagement for the past two years on corporate strategy, network development, and M & A expansion.

Mr. Hager quote: “ is uniquely positioned as a premier locally owned and operated service provider with: fiber, wireless, and data center assets. With the acquisition of Brainstorm Internet, and its networks throughout southern Colorado and the Western slope, is now positioned to offer cloud based communications and computing services uniquely throughout the region and national interconnection.”

Formerly, Mr. Hager was Vice President of Expedient Holdings USA, where he was the architect for Expedient’s fixed wireless, fiber, copper based Ethernet transport and data center services. Expedient was recipient of Supercomm’s Worldwide SuperQuest Award for Network Design and Services and Lightreading’s Leading Lights Award for Best Marketing campaign for Expedient’s “Ethernet Anywhere” service.

Previously, Mr. Hager led product strategy for Livingston Enterprises and Lucent Technologies for: Remote Access, IP Service Switching, Media Gateways, and Metro Ethernet. He was also awarded U.S. and European Patents US 6,434,149 B1 and EP 1,092,307 A3 for Internet access architectures in public networks. president, Jawaid Bazyar stated, “We are delighted and honored that Eric Hager has joined our team. His expertise and technical knowledge will complement our entire team and help us bring to reality our vision to reduce the digital divide developing the fastest internet speeds possible—gigabit fiber.”

With its continued focus on providing the fastest internet speeds via gigabit fiber, this hire was a strategic move to expand its reach throughout Colorado. To learn more about getting gigabit fiber to your building, check out the fiber building map or contact us directly to light up your building with fiber 303-815-1125.