Launches EtherLoop™ – Metro Ethernet Service over Copper in Denver Launches EtherLoop™ – Metro Ethernet Service over Copper in Denver


(Denver, CO) April 10, 2007, a telecommunications company serving both the commercial and residential markets, today announced general availability of its new EtherLoop™ service, wide-area Ethernet communications that do not require fiber. The service is now available throughout the Denver Metropolitan Area, as well as in Colorado Springs.


EtherLoop™ can deliver enterprise-class speeds from 3mbps (twice that of a “T1”) to 45mbps symmetric (the same as a “T3”). EtherLoop™’s bandwidth and Ethernet architecture enable ultra high-speed Internet, high-quality business VoIP, multi-office networking, and video conferencing applications, all at a price point that even small businesses can afford. Ethernet is also much simpler. Instead of expensive, complex ‘routers’, EtherLoop™ hands off a simple, easy-to-use Ethernet connector.


Ethernet has long been used in local-area networks, connecting PCs and servers in an office. There are many benefits to using Ethernet in the wide-area as well. “Leveraging commodity Ethernet technology in the wide-area allows us to reduce operating costs, and pass those savings on to our customers”, said Jawaid Bazyar, President of “EtherLoop™ delivers 2x to 3x the speed of a traditional “T1″ internet service, at the same price.”


EtherLoop™ is a combination of several technologies that work over the existing copper wire telephone plant. Jeff Burnett, Director of Business Development, states, “EtherLoop™ is available today, everywhere in the 303/720 area code, to everyone. EtherLoop™ does not require expensive and time-consuming fiber-optic lines to be installed. We can deliver fiber speeds without fiber.”


EtherLoop™ can be further tied into’s MACH DSL service for easy telecommuting without complex and expensive VPN software. is a Denver-based, locally-owned and operated full-service telecommunications firm, providing a wide range of telephone and broadband Internet services.