FORETHOUGHT.Net Launches Its Silverlining 2.0 Upgrade to Its Cloud Iaas Hosted Services

FORETHOUGHT.Net Launches Its Silverlining 2.0

Upgrade to Its Cloud Iaas Hosted Services expands its enterprise-level IaaS cloud hosting services for businesses including virtual desktops, disaster recover, storage, email exchange on its MPLS networked data center.

Denver, Colorado May 31, 2013 announces today its Silverlining 2.0 upgrade to its cloud IaaS hosted services including dramatically improved performance and scalability.

With the Silverlining 2.0 portal powered by the full VMware platform and support, customers can customize each virtual machine to their specific needs with total control, often on the fly with no service disruption. The SilverLining IaaS solution minimizes downtime due to poor security of ‘shared’ web hosting, crashes and hacked servers. All operating systems are supported such as Linux, Windows and DOS.

“Our Silverlining IaaS cloud hosting solution was designed to be easily scaled up or down to provide our customers transparent use of technology regardless of operating systems,” said Jawaid Bazyar, President. “Our promise to our customers is simple: to provide them well designed technology solutions, a professional response system and personalized service. Our latest upgrade to our IaaS cloud hosting solution gives them just that and lets them be in control of their infrastructure with ease and access to their data and voice solutions anywhere, anytime.”

Backups and restores are nearly instantaneous over the 10-gigabit infrastructure. Customers can take a snapshot before an upgrade and if something goes wrong, roll back with one click. In case of emergency, clients can use one of Disaster Recovery Centers throughout Denver which ensures that their data is safe and secure. This allows quick recovery of all data in minutes. customers can typically save year over year, reduce latency issues and now receive 10M fiber broadband as part of all IaaS and colocation packages. offers white label and resale opportunities. provides some of the lowest latency (less than 5 milliseconds) available in the Colorado market because of its fiber backbone and extensive peering with other ISP providers, and now includes 10M internet connectivity as standard in any cloud or colocation package.

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