Launches Terabit-Scale Transport Network announced today that is has deployed and lit a new, fiber-optic transport system with 8 Terabit/second capacity, between Grand Junction, CO, and Montrose, CO.

“Our business and the bandwidth we need to carry is growing radically in Montrose and surrounding areas. We needed a solution that would be disruptive in the marketplace – let us keep up with bandwidth demand, while ensuring long-term profitability, and total control of our own network.”, said Jawaid Bazyar, President of “This capacity will allow us to dramatically drive down long-haul bandwidth prices, as part of our mission to bridge the digital divide in rural Colorado.”

DWDM, or Dense-Wave Division Multiplexing, is the technology that enables placing many parallel channels of fiber-optic signal on one fiber-optic circuit. said it expects high demand for these services. “There is tremendous growth from government, and cellular, fixed wireless, and fiber to the home, and all of these service providers require large and growing capacity”, said Eric Hager, VP of Business Development. “Our initiative will provide true, long-term competition to CenturyLink in rural Colorado to ensure access to affordable, modern broadband for hundreds of rural communities.”. has big plans for this system in the future. “The Grand Junction to Montrose link is just the beginning. Over the course of 2019, this network will grow to connect Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico – and, to do it entirely with private funds and in a way that does not tie local governments down to one provider. True competition, true choice, is our goal”, summarized Jawaid Bazyar.