Offers Denver the Fastest Fiber Internet Speeds offers the fastest internet speeds up to one gigabit in Broadway Plaza Lofts in Denver, CO.

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Fastest Internet Changes Everything

This is an exciting time for Denver to finally offer utra-fast Internet speeds up to one gigabit for residents and businesses at affordable prices., a tenured Denver-based internet provider since 1995, announces today that it will offer fiber internet at a speed of one gigabit per second — 100 times faster than the nation’s average — at Broadway Plaza Lofts in the Curtis Park neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. The Broadway Plaza Lofts has 223 apartments and 12,000 square feet of office space. led by computer networking and telecommunications specialist, Jawaid Bazyar, says “This is an exciting time for Denver to finally offer ultra-fast Internet speeds up to one gigabit for residents and businesses at affordable prices.” As in all of its packages there will be no bandwidth caps, no throttling and no hidden charges.

From a report from, Colorado is 21st in the nation for internet speeds. With a high-tech start-up hub, is focused on providing Colorado businesses and residences the internet speeds needed to compete globally. The average download speed is approximately 7.4 megabits per second. A gigabit is 1000 megabits per second.

Mega-fast internet speeds are only possible if the “last mile” — the wiring that connects a building to the rest of a telecommunications network — is made of fiber optic cable. is in negotiation with other real estate owners, managers and developers to hook up entire apartment, condominium and office buildings that do not have fiber connectivity currently.

Now property owners and managers can provide the added benefits to tenants to have the fastest internet connectivity possible. There is no cost to property managers or landlords to offer fiber to tenants. They only have to authorize access.

Bazyar added, “If the fiber initiative does well in Denver, we have an aggressive expansion plan that includes other cities in Colorado to service those areas much in need of faster internet speeds along the Western Slope and the Front Range.” There is a demand for gigabit speeds among smaller businesses in Colorado as well as a need for home offices and residential dwellings.

To find out more about FORETHOUGHT gigabit fiber and to light up fiber in your building, contact Christine Taylor at 303-815-1125 or go to to get on the waiting list.