Plans to Provide Gigabit Fiber Internet Speeds to the Denver West Office Park

Gigabit fiber is now available in twelve of the buildings in the Denver West Office Park from one of the largest independent internet providers., a local independent internet provider headquartered in Denver, Colorado continues to extend its gigabit fiber services in the Denver Metro area and will include twelve buildings in the Denver West Office Park.

With the vision to provide gigabit fiber services along the Front Range and the Western Slope, is focused on minimizing the digital divide throughout Colorado and New Mexico caused by slow internet speeds. The average Colorado download speed is approximately 7.4 megabits per second. A gigabit per second is the equivalent of 1000 megabits per second. president, Jawaid Bazyar, commented “This is an exciting time for the communities in Colorado to finally receive reliably fast internet speeds at affordable prices. As a local provider we are able to provide local service and stay committed in keeping internet access affordable and globally competitive.” has been focused on providing innovative solutions and networking to minimize latency. Its extensive peering and its commitment to have no bandwidth caps, no throttling and no hidden charges have been a benefit to all customers. is currently collecting interest to light up entire office and multi-tenant buildings with gigabit fiber. continues to work with real estate owners, managers and developers to light up entire apartment, condominium and office buildings that do not have fiber connectivity currently. has recently hired Patrick Mann to lead additional fiber build outs in multi-tenant and multi-housing buildings to continue to bring gigabit fiber throughout the Colorado and New Mexico communities. Bazyar said, “Hiring Patrick was a smart choice for all involved because costs are significantly reduced if plans to run fiber to the building are made during pre-construction planning.”

The price for FORETHOUGHT gigabit fiber is comparable to lower speed cable services and includes hundred times faster speeds. Bazyar explained, “There is a demand for gigabit speeds with higher bandwidth consumption online. Because we are local, our gigabit fiber will provide our customers the power and support that they need at a price that is comparable to cable that offers a fraction of the speed.”

To find out more about FORETHOUGHT gigabit fiber and to light up fiber in your building, contact Christine Taylor at 303-815-1000 to express interest for this service in your area.