Provides IPv6 Services

I am very pleased to announce that IPv6 is now available to collocation, web hosting, and SilverLining Cloud customers. Our IPv6 deployment currently covers 70% of our upstream and peering relationships, and is targeted for 100% shortly. But we are fully live and on the IPv6 map today. North America is officially out of IPv4 addresses. While has a good supply, and there are paths available to get additional addresses (as increasing cost), it is a good idea to start planning switching to IPv6. If you desire an IPv6 assignment, please let support know.


What is IPv6?

IPv6 is a new version of the IP protocol used on the Internet. The current most commonly used IP protocol is IPv4.

Why do I need IPv6?

IPv4 specified a maximum of only 4 billion IP addresses, the numbers that computers use to talk to each other on the Internet. A good chunk of those are not usable for various reasons. And with the incredible growth in the Internet over the past 20 years, we have simply run out of IPv4 addresses.

IPv6 provides 3.5×10^38 IP addresses. (That’s an IP address for every atom in the Universe.)

How can I use IPv6?

Since IPv6 is not backwards compatible with IPv4, current best practice is what’s called “dual stack” where sites and PCs connect to both IPv4 and IPv6. currently supports only dual-stack. We are still researching options for pure IPv6 clients.

Right now, if you operate a server, the best thing is to do dual-stack, get an IPv6 assignment from us, and work with us to implement dual-stack for your server. (This involves IPv6 configuration, firewall configuration, and application configuration).