Upgrades MACH Broadband to 10mbps – Cable-crushing Broadband Internet Service Upgrades MACH Broadband to 10mbps – Cable-crushing Broadband Internet Service



(Denver, CO) October 15, 2008, a Denver-based telephone and Internet company, today announced the upgrade of “Mach”, its ADSL 2+ broadband Internet access service.


Mach currently comes in two super-sonic options – Mach 3, and Mach 10, with speeds up to 3mbps or 10mbps respectively. ADSL2+ technology is capable of speeds up to 20mbps using two wires (one phone line), or speeds up to 40mbps using four wires (two phone lines), and is a way for DSL companies to be competitive with “cable modem” Internet services that historically have provided higher speeds than DSL.


In conjunction with its PerfectFone VoIP-based telephone services, is aiming high. CEO Jawaid Bazyar stated, “With the addition of ADSL2+ technology to our line-up and the amazing speeds that ADSL2+ offers, in the future we can deliver DVD-quality movies and television services over these same DSL lines. We are positioning to deliver the ‘triple-play’ – Internet, telephone, and TV services. In contrast to the consolidation currently happening in the industry, I believe that people want more options and choices – not less – and Mach is the foundation for delivering new choices to the Denver market.”


Mach is currently available in many parts of Denver and also Boulder. The company is currently in the process of aggressively rolling out the service to additional service areas throughout the Denver Metro Area.


Founded in 1995, is one of the largest locally owned ISP’s in Colorado. is a full service communication company currently delivering multiple product lines, including Broadband Internet access, VoIP-based Telephone service, DSL service, Web Hosting and E Commerce Solutions.

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