Web Site now on IPv6 Internet

The web site is now available on the IPv6 Internet.

End-users accessing the web site will load it via IPv6 if they are on an IPv6 enabled network. The site has already been accessed via IPv6 from 6 countries and numerous US-based ISPs. Modern operating systems and web browsers are smart enough to seamlessly select the IPv6 or IPv4 version of a web site depending on which network is available, preferring IPv6 when both are available.

This work is part of our progress in IPv6 technology deployment, and is a test of various IPv6-enabled infrastructure including routers, Ethernet switches, SilverLining cloud service, Linux operating system, DNS servers, and OSS (operational support systems). Consulting Engineers are available to assist your organization in an IPv6 deployment, as part of our new Managed Services division. They can integrate Windows, Linux, firewalls and IPv6 routers to connect your enterprise to the IPv6 Internet.