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Four Seasons Now has Gigabit High Speed Internet

We are delighted to announce that we are the fiber internet providers for the Four Seasons in Denver, Colorado. Residents can get up to a gigabit 1000M Internet service directly connected. We are now taking orders for our High-Speed Internet service at the Four Seasons in Denver, Colorado!

Check out our pricing for home, retail and business Internet options.

Order Now to get Gigabit speeds in your building

Choose your speed! We are currently taking preorders. Once we have met our minimum requirement, we will start installing our services. We will then schedule with you the best time that works for  your installation.

1000M Internet

70$ per month
    • Includes modem
    • $99 install fee
    • Wifi enabled modems additional $5 monthly

100M Internet

60$ per month
    • Includes modem rental
    • $99 install fee
    • Wifi enabled modems additional $5 monthly

How does it work?

No! There are no limits on speed or data transferred.
You can contact our support team by phone or email. Our customer service hours are from 8am to 7pm, Monday through Friday, 9am to 3pm Saturday and Sunday. You can put in a ticket anytime by sending an email to
We can provide you phone service for $20 a month. We do not currently have a TV bundle. But our fiber internet is perfect for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Apple and Google streaming!
With our gigabit service you can subscribe to any online offering including HBO Go and stream seamlessly on any of your devices.
Upload speed refers to how fast you are able to upload data through your internet connection. Download speed refers to how fast you are able to download data from the internet. Historically, Internet service providers communicate how fast their download speeds are and then minimize the upload speeds for various reasons including cost. The gigabit service is symmetric meaning you get just as fast upload speeds as you do download.
You are able to freeze services once a year for an extended period of time for a monthly charge of $20.
Your Wi-Fi should perform better with our service and is dependent on your choice of Wi-Fi routers. With our managed Wi-Fi service you will experience a vast improvement.
Yes, as part of your Gigabit service you will receive a modem which is configured for our service.
No, you cannot use your CenturyLink modem with our Gigabit service because of its configurations are specific to CenturlyLink.
A modem is a device that transfers bandwidth for local usage. A router is a device that hooks up to the modem to provide Wi-Fi access locally.
As part of our basic gigabit service, you are provided a modem. You can opt in to our managed Wi-Fi service for help with installing and managing Wi-Fi. If you choose to use an existing router with our services, you are welcome to do that. We will not support your personal router install or maintenance.
You are welcome to keep your CenturyLink phone service with our gigabit internet service. If you choose to move your phone service to, we will happily transfer your existing number and provide you phone service in addition to internet.
Yes, you can still use CenturyLink TV bundle with gigabit service.
OTT stands for Over The Top telephone service. We can provide you telephone service over our gigabit internet service which includes benefits beyond a traditional telephone service including but not limited to voicemail to email, simple number forwarding, mobile phone apps and more. This additional service is $20 a month.
At, we believe that OTT phone service is the way of the future because it gives users the flexibility of large thousands of dollar phone systems for less while getting more.
No, the Four Seasons residences have CAT-5 cabling installed already. Connecting jacks will be done but will not require any wall work. gigabit internet service is much faster than what is currently in the building. Our gigabit internet service is symmetric meaning you get the same high speeds during uploading and downloading. We also do not have any cap limits so you can use as much data and speed as you want all for less than our competitors can price the same service.
Yes, our internet service works with Apple/Macintosh computers.


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