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We are one of Colorado’s largest independent locally owned Internet, cloud and communications service providers. Founded in 1995 to reduce the digital divide caused by slow Internet speeds and get the communities we serve on the map for competitive high-speed Internet, cloud and phone services. It’s now time to get gigabit fiber in your property.

  • With Gigabit Fiber in your building get more than 100 times faster speeds than today’s broadband – and pass the savings onto your tenants throughout the Front Range and the Western Slope.
  • Gigabit Fiber is investing in our infrastructure to bring a gigabit fiber-optic network all the way to your premises. This investment allows your tenants to get the best available technology in a cost-effective, monthly package.
  • Gigabit Fiber delivers the technology and reliable service that tenants demand: 100% fiber for fast, reliable Internet. Unlike some broadband providers using a mix of coaxial and fiber optic cables, Gigabit Fiber delivers 100% fiber straight to your business for super-fast Internet speeds and some of the fastest downloads around.

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To learn more about getting gigabit fiber in your building contact Christine Taylor at 303-815-1850.
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The Gigabit Advantage

If you want to attract and retain tenants, there is no more powerful and cost effective upgrade. 

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Get fast speeds lighting your property with gigabit fiber.

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Installation & Support

Our approach to installation and support to create a plan, get your approval, and deploy quickly

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