Gigabit fiber Internet is Growing in Denver One Building at a Time

We are thrilled to share that we have over three hundred buildings enabled with gigabit fiber internet broadband in Denver alone.

In line with our vision to bridge the digital divide in the communities we serve, we are delighted to offer gigabit fiber Internet services to over three hundred buildings in the Denver metro area. We have seen a real need for our services so we continue to invest in the infrastructure to light more areas with gigabit fiber Internet services. And our goal is to price fiber gigabit Internet competitively so that it is priced lower than most current broadband offerings with much higher speeds.

We are committed to provide the fastest services without throttling or usage caps so our customers never need to worry about buffering or slow upload and download times.  We have extensive peering that reduces latency to less than five milliseconds.

Our fiber Internet initiative continues to expand in Denver and other cities in Colorado and New Mexico such as Cortez, Grand Junction, Durango and Farmington areas.

We receive daily requests for gigabit fiber Internet speeds. These inquiries are helping us to identify the next fiber build outs. So if you are interested you should definitely let us know. We are delighted that we have Christine Taylor, Business Develop of fiber communities, on our team to work directly with property owners and managers. We are investing in our communities with their help. Together we can provide what our communities want and need.

To find out more about FORETHOUGHT gigabit fiber and to light up fiber in your building, contact Christine Taylor at 303-815-1000!