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Home phone and internet

Get phone and internet from your local independent service provider / Home phone and internet

Home Phone and Internet

Get your phone and Internet broadband bundle for home and home office with up to 5 phone lines. By utilizing advanced VoIP technology combined with our internet service, you can reduce your costs and cut the cord. The Home phone package includes options for your phone up to 5 lines and internet.

Sign up today for your local and long distance telephone service bundled with high-speed Internet service.

Signing up couldn’t be easier—just choose your speed, how many phone lines you want, and whether you want Unlimited Long Distance. It’s that simple!


  • Simplify your life — all your phone, long distance, internet services on one bill
  • Faster, Cheaper, Better
  • Keep your current phone numbers
  • World-class customer service and support


  • Emergency 911 compliant
  • International long distance- always low rates
  • Long-distance for only 5 cents per minute
  • Unlimited long distance available for only $10/mo per line
  • Additional lines are only $20/mo per line

Quality Controlled is not just a reseller—we have our own telephone switch and our own DSL service backed by our own gigabit fiber network.

Sign up today

Packages starting as low as $55*

  • Unleashed DSL up to 15M
  • 1 phone line
  • $10 for unlimited long distance or $0.05 a minute
  • $20 for additional phone lines

*Based on DSL. Wireless and fiber broadband where available.
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