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Hosted PBX phone guide

Check out our hosted PBX training guide / Hosted PBX phone guide

Hosted PBX Training Guide

Thanks for choosing for your VoIP solution. Click on the links below for the downloadable user and admin guides.

PerfectPBX User Manual

PerfectPBX Admin Manual

Below are some commonly asked questions to help you navigate your hosted PBX. If you need more help, we are here for you! Contact us any time.

  1. Dial *98 (star98) or simple press the messages key on your phone.
  2. When prompted for your password use the default which should be your extension.
  3. The recording will instruct you to select option 0 for mailbox and then 1 to record unavailable message.
  4. Listen to the recording and speak your unavailable message when prompted and press # when you finish.
  5. If you like the message press 1 to save it, or listen to the recorded prompts to rerecorded or delete the message.
  6. After you save a recording you will be redirected to the prior menu options.   Select option 3 to record your name.  Listen to prompts and record your name as you would like it to be played and again press 1 to save it.
  7. You will again be returned to the original menu.
  8.  If you would like to record a message that will be played when you are on the phone, select option 2 and record a busy message.
  9. From option 2 in this menu you can also choose to change passwords.
  10. Press * to exit to the main menu.  From this main menu you can listen to your voicemails or you can press # to exit the system or you can simply hang up to leave your voicemail box as well.
To supervise a call transfer

  1. Answer the call with your normal greeting.
  2. Press the transfer soft key to put the calling party on hold
  3. Dial the desired extension or external number, and then press send.
  4. If the receiving party answers you can announce the caller to them.
  5. If they chose to accept the call press the transfer soft key again and this will transfer the call and you can hang up.
  6. If the caller is unavailable press the cancel key and this will take the caller off hold so you can speak to them.


To blind transfer a call

  1. Answer the call with your normal greeting.
  2. Press the transfer soft key to put the calling party on hold.
  3. Press the blind soft key then enter the extension or external number and complete the transfer by pressing done.
  4. You can now hang up as the call has been transferred.

Note: The original caller’s caller ID will  be transferred when using blind transfer.

  1. Answer the call with your normal greeting.
  2. Press the xfer2VM soft key followed by the receiving party’s extension.
  3. The call will automatically be disconnected.

To place a call on park

  1. Answer the call with your normal greeting.
  2. Select the more soft key until the call park option appears then select it.
  3. You will then hear a recorded message telling you which extension the call is parked on. Remember this number (it typically starts at 701).



To retrieve a parked call

  1. Press the unpark soft key.
  2. Enter the extension that the call was parked on (it typically starts at 701).
  1. Answer the call with your normal greeting.
  2. Press the more key until the record option becomes available, press the record soft key.
  3. When you hear the beep the call recording option has been activated and the call is being recorded. You can pause the recording of the phone call by pressing the record key again.
  4. Only the audio between the record prompt beep start and end will be recorded.
  5. Recording will also end when the call is terminated.

*To enable the call recording option you must first set it up through  Follow the options to set up call recording and be sure to save. (For further assistance with setting up call recording, see our web portal training page.)

* Recorded calls can be reviewed at, then select recorded calls.

  1. Press the more soft key followed by the intercom soft key.
  2. Enter the extension you wish to speak to then enter.
  3. The person that you are calling will hear a short ring and then their speakphone will be activated and you can begin the conversation.
  1. Press the more soft key until the pageall option appear then select it.
  2. Hang up or press the end call soft key to end the page.

*Your administrator must initially set up the extensions in your page all group.

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