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Hosted PBX

PerfectPBX -- a complete full-featured VoIP phone system / Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX — a full-featured VoIP solution

Save your business $100s or $1000s per month with PerfectPBX a hosted PBX solution

PerfectPBX™ hosted PBX is a complete, full-featured VoIP business telephone system. Gone are the days of being locked to a telephone system brand and vendor. PerfectPBX is built entirely on open standards allowing the use of dozens of brands of VoIP telephone handsets. There is also a thriving third-party development community constantly creating new features and applications for the system.

PerfectPBX™ delivers 100% land line quality telephone service when delivered over broadband service. If you have multiple branch offices, tie them together seamlessly with one phone system across any number of locations in other states and around the world.

Only pay for simultaneous calls

Our competition charges a monthly fee for every phone handset included. Our package is based on the number of phone lines needed simultaneously not the extensions needed. So you can save big with our model.

With you get more. Check out the list of features below

Use all our advanced features without paying big money for a phone system. Get feature codes, PSTN/IP Trunks, Multi-Level IVR Auto Attendants, DIDs,  inbound and outbound routes, ring groups and more.

$20 monthly per phone line

Up to 100 phone extensions

Pay for simultaneous calls only

Flexible long distance options

DIDs, Inbound and outbound routes


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Our Hosted PBX difference:

  • Quality of Service Guaranteed
  • VoIP phone leasing available
  • Pay by phone line not handset
  • Virtually all features are included
  • Easy-to-use online portal
“Forethought’s response time to any issue was quick, we were notified well in advance of issues, down time was at a minimum and compared to the prior company that we were with, it was a difference between night and day.”
Bob Smith, Smith & Co.

PerfectPBX VoIP features included

Voicemail Features

Voicemail to Email Integration
Message Waiting Indicator
Multiple Voicemail Folders
Web Management of Voicemail

Call Center Features

ACD Queues – Automatic Call Distribution
Orderly Queue Handling
Local and Remote Agents
Call Recording

Call Features

Caller ID Blocking
Call Screening Based on Caller ID
Call Forward on Busy
Call Forward on No Answer
Follow Me (concurrent or linear)
Follow Me on Caller ID
Call Transfer
Do Not Disturb
One Touch Call Recording
Virtual Extensions (pure forwarding)
Media Files Management
Music-on-Hold Management
Click-to-Call Recording


Company Directory
Enhanced Directory
Personal Contact Lists


Conference Rooms
Both Fixed and Dynamic Rooms
Personal Conferences
Real-time Conference Management

End-user Portal

Voicemail messages and configuration
Call Recordings
Caller ID Blocking
Call Screening on Caller ID
Call Forward on Busy
Call Forward on No Answer
Follow Me (concurrent or linear)
Follow Me with Caller ID
Do Not Disturb
One Touch Call Recording
Access to Directory
Personal Contact Lists
CDR with Click-to-Call
Language Selection

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