How Can Unified Communications Services Help Your Business?

What is unified communication, and what can it do for your business? Unified communications as a service allows you to take care of all over your phone, text, video conferencing, fax, SMS/text messaging, voicemail, fax, and other needs through a single provider.

These services typically are not all available through a single product, yet we can still make them all compatible and easy-to-use by offering unified communications services as a bundle. When you purchase these multiple services through a single provider, it allows for integration and ease of use between services. It also allows you to use a standard interface to access all of these services, which helps keep things simple for your office. But that’s not the only way it keeps things simple…

Why Unified Communications?

Another advantages to unified communication as a service is that it allows you a great deal of flexibility when it comes to your business communications. Your contacts can send you a message in one format, and you can choose to receive it in one of several ways. Then, you have your choice of how to respond, depending on your situation.

The most basic example would be when you receive a voicemail that is then transcribed by computer and send to your email inbox (something frequently available with voice over IP, or VoIP services; see below).

You could then choose to reply to the voicemail in an email, or with a text message, or with a good old fashion phone call! Unified communications services even allow you to make a video call that can be answered by your contact’s smartphone, computer, or mobile device.

As you can see, unified communications allow you to communicate in whatever method is best for you at the time, whether you are in the office, out of the office, in a conference, on the road, or on-site.

Why is PBX VoIP Phone Service Better than Traditional Telephone Service?

PBX VoIP phone service (PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange; VoIP stands for Voice over IP, or Internet Protocol) is less expensive and more flexible than traditional phone services for a number of reasons.

Since it uses internet protocol and can be packaged with a high-data internet package, Voice over IP services are typically less expensive per call than traditional phone services–especially if you make frequent long-distance and international long distance calls.

In addition, PBX VoIP phone service allows business to:

  • Add new telephone numbers without installing new hardware.
  • Route calls to any number, to any phone in the system (including to different office locations or cities).
  • Rout calls to mobile devices, laptops, and desktops.
  • Make a call using any employee or administrator’s number, from any phone in the system (or potentially from mobile devices and computers outside of the system).
  • Add offices or move to a new location without the expense and hassle required by traditional telephony.
  • Ensure telephone, video conference, and other communications security via on-site Private Branch Exchange hardware.

Fax Cloud Service

A good Fax Cloud Service will allow you to send and receive faxes from any device, as well as allow you to send multiple faxes to multiple recipients quickly and inexpensively. How exactly can we do this? By the power of the cloud.

What is cloud computing? It is a model of computing and service delivery that allows you to use multiple computers over a network to accomplish your tasks. This can help your business accomplish tasks more quickly, more powerfully, with greater flexibility–and with no need to purchase new hardware or software on your end.

We hope this gives a good introductory answer to the question, “What is unified communications?” If you need to know more, or if you’d like to discuss how we can help meet your business needs, feel free to contact us via phone, email, or the form on our Contact page!