IaaS Cloud Solutions to IT challenges

The technology-driven economy of today depends on IT agility. Unfortunately, traditional IT infrastructures are too rigid, complex, and costly to keep up with rapidly changing market needs. The vast majority of an organizations IT budget is spent simply keeping the existing services running. This leaves very little time and resources for innovations. However, there is a better way through the use of cloud computing and server virtualization.computing trends

FORETHOUGHT.net is taking the lead in cloud computing (AKA Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS). Having spent the last seventeen years perfecting the delivery of IT services to customers throughout the Colorado front range including Denver and Boulder metro areas, we have expanded our offerings to now include IaaS.

When your organization needs to roll out a new product or service quickly, temporarily, or simply in a test environment, you need to think about computing differently. Rather than spending the time and resources to create new IT infrastructure, IaaS allows your company to configure a new virtual server and bring it online in minutes. This can also create instant redundancy for disaster recovery situations as well as opportunities for colocation and peering of your existing network infrastructure.

Furthermore, increasing regulatory requirements such as HIPPA and Sarbanes-Oxley have caused the need for fast and redundant networks with better security. Server virtualization within dedicated data centers, like the one operated by FORETHOUGHT.net, offer rapid deployment and redundancy powered by VMware.com. These cloud based IaaS solutions are possible through the advent of technologies like MPLS, and they allow for even greater server security by centralizing these resources. This means that your company can utilize these enterprise data centers with the availability and expertise for companies to leverage without having to make sizable capital investments.

These are all great reasons to consider IaaS as a supplement to traditional IT infrastructure, but it is also a move toward the IT infrastructure of the future. As the use of tablets and smart phones becomes more and more important to business, cloud computing is going to continue to grow in popularity. Companies around the globe are already moving software and services into the cloud in order to take advantage of this growing market. At the same time, there is a growing demand for decentralization of the work place. More and more employees want the option to work from home and remotely connect to office networks. This is leaving many office buildings full of empty desks and servers. Moving the IT infrastructure for your company over to IaaS solutions can dramatically reduce your costs while easing the transition to a remote workforce.

Whether your company is an under funded start-up, a growing enterprise, or a Fortune 500 corporation, cloud computing and IaaS solutions are sure to play some role in your business. FORETHOUGHT.net is here to help with your communications and IT infrastructure needs.