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We work with integrity focused on efficient clean installs, and always strive to minimize disruptions to your tenants and property. Gigabit Fiber covers the standard deployment costs for properties located in areas where Gigabit Fiber is available. Gigabit Fiber partners with you to create an easy three-step installation plan -– you’ll retain final approval over Gigabit Fiber design and deployment.

1.Create a customized building plan.

You’ll meet with expert Gigabit Fiber engineers to create and approve an installation plan customized to your property’s requirements.

2.Run the fiber. Gigabit Fiber will install the fiber and terminals and run the fiber-optic cable as determined by the installation plan.

  • Fiber installation requires minimal construction. New technologies, including small gigabit nids and bendable fiber, make it possible to install in most existing properties with minimal disruption.
  • Gigabit Fiber is installed by highly trained engineers who specialize in fiber.
  • All stages of deployment meet our high-quality standards, are done according to existing local building codes and are approved by the local fire marshal.
3. Make the connections. Gigabit Fiber service technicians will install and test each business’s Internet service to ensure it’s working correctly.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee if Gigabit Fiber isn’t everything we say it is.


With Gigabit Fiber, we monitor the performance of the network and make repairs before customers notice a problem. That means you can offer tenants great features, state-of-the-art network performance and exceptional customer service, all at a competitive, low price.

A dedicated service team follows up to ensure tenants are satisfied including:

  • Gigabit Fiber signage to place in prominent areas visible to current and prospective tenants.
  • Gigabit Fiber sales consultants who can speak with your tenants.
  • Promotional materials for current and prospective tenants.
  • Gigabit Fiber Welcome Kits for your new tenants.

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