Introducing Brainstorm Internet — A New Company

We keep moving here at and once again we’ve got exciting news to share. We’d like to introduce and welcome our new family member, Brainstorm Internet. We’ve brought together two Colorado based voice and data companies each with loyal passionate people, incredible product lineup, innovative network designs and thriving cultures.

This acquisition enables both brands to better meet the needs and demands of our customers leveraging core strengths of each brand and extends our footprint to include the Front Range and the Western Slope.

Over the next 90 days, we will begin integrating the Brainstorm Internet brand into the family. More information about product availability and alignment will be determined at the completion of this integration. Though there are still mountains to climb and lots of details to complete, one thing is for certain: this is a huge win for customers.

Now Together to Deliver More and Brainstorm Internet both offer quality products and services that customers depend on for daily communication needs at home and at the office. With this announcement, plans to continue its quest to provide homes and businesses across the Rocky Mountains the fiber internet speeds to compete globally and to be the go-to choice for local voice and data technology connections.

The joining of and Brainstorm Internet is a way to combine two great brands, extend our footprint and provide the fastest internet possible while being the sustainable choice for Colorado proud companies.

We all need  to stay connected and want to have the fastest options out there. But, we don’t always have the options available to us necessary.  That changes today. What and Brainstorm Internet  could not offer customers individually, we now as a team will be able to deliver, together. The goal is to create more value for our customers by together building on core strengths and to deliver on its vision to provide the fastest internet speeds possible  along the Front Range and the Western Slope and strengthen our position as the choice local Internet provider for home and business.

Meet Brainstorm

Since 1999, Brainstorm Internet has been Western Colorado and Northern New Mexico’s largest independently owned and operated internet service provider. Brainstorm specializes in delivering services to municipalities, regional hospitals, school districts, libraries and other significant anchor institutions throughout its region through fiber, copper and licensed microwave solutions. Brainstorm is know for it’s ability to provide custom broadband and voice solutions to rural parts of Colorado and New Mexico where other incumbent carriers have struggled to provide adequate connectivity.  Along with a strong commercial presence brainstorm also has served its over 10,000 residential customers with high end data and voice solutions.

We Know You Must Have Questions

For more information, check out our official press release. Please feel free to leave a comment here, and we’ll answer your questions as best we can.