A million visitors crash Namaste Solar’s website during appearance on stage with President Obama

A million visitors crash Namaste Solar’s website during appearance on stage with President Obama

FORETHOUGHT.net provides a solution to keep this small business “dream traffic” flowing.


February 2009: The White House called Senator Salazar, Governor Ritter, Congressman Perlmutter, Mark Udall and Mayor Hickenlooper, and asked them all the same question: who would you hire if you wanted a solar electric solution? The answer was the same every time: Namaste Solar in Boulder, Colorado. Each one of these big-time politicos had been a Namaste Solar customer, with a newly-installed photovoltaic system on the governor’s mansion. So, as the new President signed his $787 billion economic stimulus package, it’s easy to see why Namaste Solar was chosen as one of the Colorado companies to share the stage with President Obama — on worldwide television.

A Half-Million Hits an Hour: a Small Business Dream

Even before the event ended, Namaste Solar’s web site crashed, attempting to accommodate a half-million hits per hour. (The Iphone played a major role in this accelerated hit rate) A new solution was needed — fast. Each second Namaste Solar’s site was down was a huge blow to the potential revenue from this burgeoning customer base. And Namaste Solar’s existing ISP had called to say such capacity had exceeded their ability to support such traffic. But Brian Moore, IT director and co-owner of Namaste Solar knew who to call: “I have an extensive vendor list”, he explained. “Yet Jawaid at FORETHOUGHT.net is easily the most proficient, most skilled systems engineer I’ve met. And I knew he would respond quickly.”

At FORETHOUGHT.net, the strategy was to provide a dedicated web-server cluster for Namaste Solar, one that could be managed on the fly and one that was able to adapt to needed changes in an instant.

“Over a Million People Would Have Gotten Away from Us…”

“Before we called FORETHOUGHT.net, our provider at the time of the crash asked for 36 hours of downtime,” says Mr. Moore. “With Jawaid, we got it done in minutes. Over a million people who would have gotten away from us got a chance to connect with us.” Additionally, FORETHOUGHT.net was asked to increase Namaste Solar’s phone capacity — tripling it in minutes — using VoIP technology, which takes advantage of a FORETHOUGHT.net network built separately from the public Internet.

For Mr. Moore, the FORETHOUGHT.net service model was a case of small business designed to help small business. “I didn’t want another call center. I wanted answers,” explained Mr. Moore. “And I needed the most accurate answers combined with responsiveness and immediate solutions, and that’s what saved the day for us.


Since 1995, FORETHOUGHT.net has grown into one of Denver’s largest and most recognized reliable internet, voice and data providers, utilizing its own data loops on its own network, guaranteeing bandwidth speeds and quality — without the cost or hassle of products offered by a major carrier. The mission of FORETHOUGHT.net is to simplify communications and remove the headaches around last-century phone and Internet services.

FORETHOUGHT.net is recognized by the Denver Business Journal as a Top 15 telecommunications company and Top 15 Internet Service Provider; and recognized by ColoradoBIZ Magazine as one of Colorado’s Top 250 private companies.

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