New IP Core Network

I’m pleased to announce that has completed the first of many significant network upgrades this year.

We have completed deployment of our all-new IP Core network. This network is what provides the interconnection between our customer’s Internet services, and the world Internet.

We have developed a meshed router architecture that connects us to more Internet backbones, content providers, and other regional Internet Provider companies than any other ISP in Colorado – and it does so redundantly. The internal mesh is comprised of 10 Gigabit links, powered by our own dark fiber network. These routers are top of the  line core routers made by Juniper, and will ensure reliability and performance far into the future.

Our extensive interconnection (peering) with other ISPs gives us the most diverse, lowest-delay, and highest performing Internet connectivity probably in the state of Colorado. Here are just a few of the Internet networks we directly interconnect with, to provide you the absolute best performance for Internet, VoIP, and video applications:

Cogent, Comcast, CenturyLink, Level3, Telia, Zayo / AboveNet, Hurricane Electric, Front Range Gigapop (top 5 universities), Apple, Google, Yahoo, and soon Netflix.

We are an ISP to many other ISPs because of our incredible connectivity. And with our new IP Core, we ensure that top spot for years to come.