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Unsolicited Commercial Email

Acceptable use policies

Unsolicited Commercial Email (Spam) Policy

These acceptable use policy regulations are as follows:

  1. If an “Opt-In” system exists for your line of business and target market, you may use it. Such mailings can be sent through systems, if the Opt-In system allows that. (Typically they send the mailings themselves). We can help you find an appropriate Opt-In system. (Opt-In systems are those where the user specifically requests to be placed on a mailing list). You must notify of your bulk mail via an Opt-In mailing provider.
  2. You may generate your own Opt-In list through forms on your web site, as long as you disclose that users will receive emailings from you.
  3. You may not advertise a web site on’s network by sending UCE through some other ISP.
  4. Use of unsolicited “Opt-Out” systems are strictly prohibited. You may not use a mailing list you have purchased or created yourself, where the list was developed by scanning UseNet, Email Archives, or Web Pages for email addresses, regardless of whether the scan was “targeted”.
  5. You must use valid email headers at all times.
  6. You must not use another network as a relay for your mailing without the express written consent of the network’s owner. You must provide proof of this consent to before the mailing begins.
  7. In your email, you must give the web address of the Opt-In system you used, include your physical address and full company name, and tell the user receiving your mail that he can stop any further mailings from you (and others) by visiting that Opt-In site.
  8. If anyone contacts you and asks to be removed from your list, you will do so, and in addition send him an email instructing him on the use of Opt-In systems.

Violation of these rules will result in suspension or termination of your service, and may even be a violation of the law.

By following these rules, both you and can be assured of the success of your direct emailing – and also rest easy knowing that we are not abusing anyone’s mailbox or network, nor damaging yourself or your ISP.

Unsolicited commercial solicitation via bulk email, is illegal in many jurisdictions in the United States and across the world, and carries civil and in some cases criminal penalties.

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