Rise of the Cloud Fax Service

electronic internet faxAs technology has evolved, there are many things that once seemed innovative that have now fallen by the wayside, or at best have been re-categorized as nostalgic. The manual typewriter, the 8-track tape player, the “Commodore 64,” all may be around somewhere, but few people can find them. There’s one machine that, for some reason has been clawing to hang on: the fax machine. Frankly it would be so much easier for everyone if it just lets go.

There are some who have tired of standing in line at the fax machine whenever they need to send or receive a business fax, and have installed fax boards on their computers, but even that is getting a little old. A more efficient option is to invest in a cloud fax service, such as perfectfax that can not only help with the mechanics of sending and receiving a fax, but can also help keep your fax communications organized.

Reduces Clutter

Yes, being able to send hard copy documents through phone lines was at one time somewhat amazing, but today it has reached the point where it is just messy. In most offices where a fax machine is still being used, several people, and sometimes several departments share a single machine. Return faxes don’t necessarily come in order, and people have to get up and down from their desks and go looking for their fax, hoping no one accidentally threw it in the recycling bin. You also need to be concerned that no fax ends up in the wrong hands. You also have to worry about maintaining a physical fax machine, and chances are your IT department has plenty to do without worrying about handiwork.

Sending a fax as an efax saves not only paper, but toner and other supplies as well. A fax cloud service is much more organized, and TIFF or PDF files can be attached even if they are lengthy so that lengthy documents can be received without the need to have a hard copy of everything. Cloud business services can be organized by department, so that proper security clearances can be maintained while still keeping a cohesive relationship with the business as a whole.

Internet Fax vs Email

Working with other businesses is also seamless with a cloud fax service. Servers are more reliable and more secure than simply sending an email attachment. Cloud fax service providers, like perfectfax are continually proactive addressing security and compliance issues, and are globally compatible so you can exchange documents all other the world all with better connectivity.

Works Well With Others

In any business, there is a learning curve. Your fax communication might reach across the ocean to an overseas supplier, or you might simply need to send a fax to another business down the street that may still be using an old fashioned fax machine. If you needed to rely on email, this option would not be possible.

If you’re making the leap yourself to a fax cloud service, it can be done easily without changing fax numbers either as you are making the switch or any other time. Your files will simply go into your inbox where they can be sorted with a few clicks of the mouse, or even automatically. You can also retrieve your faxes when you are traveling because you are not pinned down to a single machine.

Perfectfax is known in the Denver community for its high standards, reliability, and flexible nature that is ready to serve those who need to send an occasional small business fax to larger businesses that are sending mission critical faxes all day long and need to maintain the utmost security.