Rural Broadband – “As Important as Electricity”

In new interview for The Colorado Trust, a Health Equity Foundation, says reliable rural broadband is “as important as electricity.

The mission of is to bridge the “digital divide” and ensure that all Coloradans have access to high quality, fast, and reliable broadband. It’s not just for watching videos. For some people, it’s a matter of whether they have access to life-saving medical advice.

We are advancing projects in many rural Colorado communities. This year, we started by bringing Silverton out of the “digital desert” with fiber-backed coax broadband. Next up are the towns of Leadville and Redcliff Colorado, which are going to get 25Mbps and up wireless LTE broadband. We are upgrading 400 homes in Gypsum, Colorado, to gigabit fiber to the home. We are building gigabit fiber to the home broadband in Avon, Colorado. The list of projects under way is long, and growing.

With so many people moving to Colorado, for its quality of life and natural environment, resources in the big cities will be stretched and folks will look increasingly to rural communities to maintain quality of life and avoid the hassles of the city. But people will only move to towns where they can bring their e-Jobs with them – and lack of affordable, reliable, and fast broadband internet in rural areas will depress economic growth.