Save Money with Business Hosted PBX Service

Boulder and Denver Businesses Save Money with Business Hosted PBX Service. As your business grows, you will find that you need to examine all aspects of your company to see where you can reduce operating expenses, and one area where you can see significant savings is in your telephone system with VoiP. Voice over Internet Protocol is more efficient than conventional phone lines because it transforms speech into data that routes via the Internet.

A business hosted private branch exchange or PBX solution also enables you to operate more efficiently, as you don’t have to focus on the infrastructure at your facility. Instead, you can focus on your core business and outsource the PBX management and maintenance to another company. provides you with scalable technology so that you company only needs to pay for the service you need at the moment.

VoIP, Business phone provides business phone service Boulder businesses have come to rely on, as it has its own telephone switch as well as its own DSL service that works through its gigabit fiber optic network.

Thanks to hosted VoIP Boulder businesses enjoy reliable communications with existing and potential customers as well as internally among their employees.

Reduce Operating Expenses

Whenever your company hires new employees, you need more bandwidth for the phone services they require as well as additional storage space for their voicemail messages. It’s easy to scale up your PBX system on an as-needed basis.

At, you can get low rates on your national long distance service, paying by the minute at reduced costs or by selecting unlimited long distance for a flat monthly rate. A flat rate makes it easier to predict your expenses and keeps employees from worrying about the cost of each call. International phone service is also available at low rates.

What’s more, you can easily get a toll-free number for your business, which will encourage more customers to call you to inquire about the goods and services you offer and to make orders over the phone.

Using a hosted PBX Boulder businesses can save time and money. Employees typically dial a three or four-digit extension for making internal calls, which also makes it more convenient for transferring calls to a colleague. makes it easy to set up a hosted PBX package where you only pay for the usage you need, unlike the competition, which will charge you for 50 lines even if you are only using 30 of those lines at the moment. Instead of overpaying for this service, you can use your resources for other aspects of your business.

Grow Your Business

A growing company needs to be able to scale up as it adds new employees and takes on new projects. It’s prudent for you to use’s business phone service Denver companies have come to rely on for their communication needs.

You don’t need to buy new VoIP telephone handsets to accommodate the hosted business telephone system.’s business telephone system is based on open standards, which enables a wide variety of headset brands to work with it. In addition, third party companies are developing new applications to use with the system to help you customize it for your company’s particular needs.

There are plenty of telephone services available to you, including features such as auto-attendant, voice mail and voice mail integrated with email, which you manage through a Web browser. In order for your company to thrive and succeed, you need a phone system with 100 percent reliability, which FORETHOGHT is able to offer with its hosted PBX solutions.

Your competitors are likely already using or are considering using hosted PBX service to remain nimble and save money. You can get a jump on them by taking advantage of the reduced costs of a business hosted PBX solution with a company like