Start-ups Should Consider Local Voice and Data Providers

top IT communication is the answer if you live in Denver and ask yourself – Is there an internet service provider in my area that offers colocation, electronic fax, dedicated broadband, VoIP, and business phone service?


There are many costs associated with any start-up. Some costs require money, other will take time or creativity in place of lacking funds. However, you must balance what your start-up has and what it needs. When it comes to voice and data services, it is often better to pay for quality services rather than patch together a creative solution. This is because voice and data problems will cost you to loose customers and income.Expandability

The goal of any start-up is expansion. However, this expansion may be short lived or sporadic. Cloud services allow you to keep your website up when it’s trending, but you can also scale back your resources when you’re just trying to keep the lights on. Local service providers can provide the lowest operating costs while keeping you connected to cloud services when they’re needed. In this way, expandability becomes elasticity in the cloud.


There are a few options when it comes to support. At times you may be able to solve your problems with an international phone call or chat session. However, it’s always easier to solve these problems when your support technician is local and speaks you language. This is another area where local voice and data providers excel.


One of the biggest benefits of local data and voice providers is low-latency connections. This can offer a drastic improvement on VoIP services and internet applications. Housing your servers in close proximity to your design team and your users means they can have fast access to your product. This translates into shorter development times and increased sales.


Depending on the application, each of these benefits has a different priority level. For example, the needs of a VoIP service are quite different from those of an electronic fax service. has worked out the priority of each of these benefits for some common services described below.


When you’re shopping for VoIP services, latency is king. The lower the latency connection you can get, the better the voice quality will be. After that, support and costs are a close second. VoIP services may, or may not, require professional installation. This also means you might need a technician to make occasional site visits for repairs and maintenance. These site visits could add hidden costs if you are not working with a local provider. Lastly, you’ll need to consider expandability with your VoIP service. This could include a new line for a remote employee or the expansion to a second office.

Dedicated Broadband

In general, the most important consideration when selecting a dedicated broadband connection is support. Your business network will likely need upgrades and repairs which will require support from your data provider. After that, you’ll want to consider costs and expandability. It may be more cost effective to run an in-house server or you might want a virtual server. Either way, you’ll need a broadband connection to it and the ability to expand on that connection as demand increases. In this case, latency actually becomes an after thought. General internet access does not depend too much on latency, except for the other use scenarios outlined here.

Electronic Fax

The first considerations when shopping for electronic fax services would have to be expandability and support. It’s likely that you’ll need additional fax lines and you might need to call technical support from time to time. After that, costs and latency are an after thought. Electronic fax services are fairly inexpensive and they are not heavily reliant on latency for proper transmission.

Cloud Hosting

The nature of cloud services is to focus on expandability. You need to know that when your site or service is trending it will stay online. After that, you need to keep your costs within some target range. Additionally, if there is a problem then you will need someone to get things running fast. Here is where support becomes important. Lastly, low-latency means your hosted services will run faster. This is one area where everything is important and local voice and data providers excel. However, local is not only relative to your company. You may want cloud hosting that is local for your customers as well. That’s where colocation comes in.


When you’re shopping for colocation services you’ll find that local voice and data providers are your best option. This is because, like cloud hosting, you need the best of everything: costs, expandability, support, & latency. When you’re shopping for colocation services in Denver, can offer your company the best of everything.