Why Did Eagle-Net Fail? (all parts in one file)

Why Did Eagle-Net Fail? There are several reasons why EagleNet failed. This article series will explore my analysis of the reasons for it, and hopefully provide important context for decision-makers currently considering various PPP (Public-Private Partnerships) models. FORETHOUGHT.net strongly believes there is a role for government to play in expanding broadband availability. However, it will be critical to do PPP right – and to learn from our mistakes – to achieve beneficial results, and avoid wasting the taxpayer’s money. As the private part of public-private partnerships, we believe we have a moral obligation to be good stewards of the people’s money. First, some background, for those who may not be familiar with EagleNet. EagleNet was an Inter-Governmental Agreement among school districts in Colorado, to create an entity to foster broadband connectivity to schools. To achieve this goal, they sought and won a $100 Million grant from the federal NTIA, and… read more →