The Future of PBX Phone Service Is Already Here

business phone service, VoIP, PBXLong gone are the days when a receptionist sits at the front desk and answers the phone for a company. When your business is a popular retailer, a company with multiple departments or a bustling office, you can expect a lot of phone traffic. In the modern world, companies are seeking alternatives to the traditional private branch exchange, or PBX, phone system. Fortunately, advances in technology mean that you don’t have to have a person man the phones at all, and this convenience can actually save you money.

PBX Help Your Business

If your business is located in Colorado or surrounding areas, your customers are probably in the same locale. They call to:

  • Check prices
  • Schedule appointments
  • Check their orders
  • Update billing information

Those needs make them important to you, too, which is why having the best business phone service Boulder has to offer is important. This may be one reason you’ve declined moving to an all-mobile solution: dropped calls just aren’t professional.

But today’s calling solutions don’t just use traditional phone lines. More and more, business phone service Denver companies rely on uses Internet technology. Voice over IP, or VoIP, service is among the most popular for several reasons:

  • It only requires an Internet connection
  • Voice calls don’t use a lot of data
  • It’s easier to handle multiple lines than traditional phone lines

Rather than setting up the PBX in your actual building, a hosted VoIP Boulder offers PBX as a service. Your telephone or PBX company has all the hardware in its own facility, so you don’t have to install hardware or software. Maintenance won’t become the responsibility of your company, either. You may have to pay a fee for your business hosted PBX solution, though.

How PBX Service Works

Your service provide will route calls to your own phones. This is convenient because you do have the option to route calls to another cell phone or landline. If your business has no office or your employees frequently work away from their desks, you can minimize voice mails and missed calls. Playing phone tag is never fun for anyone involved, and this is just one convenience of modern PBX phone services for businesses. Other conveniences include:

  • The ability for a single number to ring in multiple locations
  • Ease of adding or removing phones form the system

Once a caller connects to your number, an automated system transfer them to where they need to be. At this point, customers can select departments or enter extensions to a specify employee. If your clients expect a live person to answer the phone, you can replace the automate system with a receptionist, at least some of the time. However, the automated process helps reduce hold time, which is sure to please your customers.

Get Out From Under the Phone Company

Because these systems use VoIP technology, you can ditch your contract with the traditional phone provider and save money. Your business hosted PBX solution allows you to make outgoing calls, too. VoIP phones work immediately, and you can use your own phone number to dial out, avoiding costly long-distance charges. This is especially important if your company has partners and clients all over the country or even the world.

PBX solutions are something to consider when moving to a new office because you can reduce or even eliminate messy wires that pose trip hazards. You won’t have to mess with hard-to-find wiring to fix hardware problems, either. It’s no wonder so many businesses have happily made the switch to hosted PBX Boulder service.